Bunk Johnson
legendärer New Orleans Trompeter
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Bunk Johnson
"Bunk & the New Orleans Revivel
1942 - 1947"
CD 1. *Panama *Down By The Riversaide *Storyville Blues *Moose March
*Big Chief Battle Axe *Dusty Rag *Ace in the Hole *Ory´s Creole Trombone
*The Girls Go Crazy `Bout The Way I walk *Spicy Advice *Mama`s Gone Goodfby *Ballin`The Jack *Lowdown Blues *When The Saints go.. 
*Creless Love *Walk Through The Streets, *Some Of These Days
CD 2. *After You`ve Gone *Tiger rag *Weary Blues *Milneburg Joys *Lord
Let Me In The Lifeboat *Swanee River *The Sheik Of Araby *Old Gry Bonnet
*Shine *The Entertainer *One Sweet Letter From You *Oh, Didn`t He Ramble
*Over The Gloryland *Just a Little While To Stay Here *Maryland, My Mary-
land *Alexander`s Ragtime band *Tishomingo Blues *You Always Hurt The 
One You Love *I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate *Just a Closer Walk
With Thee *Snag It *You`re Gotta See mama Every Night *Till We Meet Again
*In The Gloaming *I Can`t Escape from You,
2 CD Set
14 Tage Lieferzeit
JASMINE-Records, Wiederveröffentl. 10. 03
Best. Nr.CD 2264009,   -AAD-  €- 19,95
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Bunk Johnson & Jazz Band
Last Testament
Someday, Hilarity Rag, Some Of This Days, The Enterainer, Out Of Nowhere, 
You`re Driving Me Crazy, Chloe, The Minstrel Man, Maria Elena, Kinklets, 
Out Of Nowhere, Till We Meet Again, Chloe II, Teasin`Rag,
featr: more modern Instrumentalists
Ed Cuffee-Trb.  Garvin Bushell-Clar, Don Kirkpetrick- Piano, 
Danny Barker-Gitr, Wellman Braud-Bass
Johnson souns at the top of his game, this CD is his definitive release.
Lieferzeit ca. 14 Tage
DELMARK- Records, Wiederveröffentl. 1. 00
Best. Nr. CD 20002299,   AAD-    €-14,95
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Bunk Johnson & his Superior Jazz Band
"From Storryville- New Orleans"
Storyville Blues, Bunk`s Blues, Down by The Riverside, Moose MArek,
Ballin`The Jack, Panama, Weary Blues, Make Me A Pallet On The Floor,
Yes Lord, I`m Crippled, Bunk Talking Records,
ZYX- Records, Wiederveröffentl. 10. 06
Best. Nr. CD 2308559,   AAD-    €-5,95
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Bunk Johnson &
his Superior Jazz Band
"The King of the Blues"
Best. Nr. CD 2149336,   AAD-    €-16,95
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Bunk Johnson & the Yerba Jazzband
"Bunk & Lu Waters"
*Blues *Ace in the Hole *Georgia Camp Meeting *Black & White Rag
*Careless Love *Down By The Riverside *Irish Black Bottom *Maple Leaf
Rag *Memphis Blues *Muskrat Ramble *Nobody`s Fault But Mine
*jelly Roll Blues *ory`s Creole Trombone *Smoky Mokes *The
Girl Go Crazy *When I Move To The Sky,
Best. Nr. CD 2149330,   AAD-    €-16,95
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Bunk Johnson
"The King of the Blues"
legendäre Besetzung: G. Lewis-clr. - Jim Robinson trb -
Baby Dodds dr., L.Marrero bj.-  A.Pavageau b. 
 C.C.Rider, St.Louis Blues, Blue as I Can Be, Royal Garden, Tishomingo Blues..
Low Down Blues *.Blue As I Can Be *Dippermouth Blues u. m.
Rec. Aug. 1944
Best. Nr. AMCD 1

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